Thursday, October 22, 2009

George Clooney Explains His 10 Million Frequent Flyer Mile Goal - Hilarious!

New clip of Up in the Air released:

Best quote:

George Clooney: “I don’t spend a nickel if I can help it unless it somehow profits my mileage account.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


New orleans Travelreport brought to you by Nadia:

Our trip to New Orleans was fun and entertaining.  We flew on Continental, (through Houston with its oddly high number of electric inside airport vehicles zipping folks around).  I have to say that regardless of what Continental reports, their service is not really that great.  I mean I was not thrilled when the flight attendant spilled soda on me and did not even notice, while I fussed to make sure that it wouldn’t stain my clothes.  Our hotel, which we enjoyed, was in the business district (Marriot Renaissance Arts Hotel).  Room was good, although the shower pressure left a lot to be desired, especially in such a new, modern hotel.               
We kicked off our Big Easy sightseeing with a haste walk from the business district to the French Quarter (aka Vieux Carre).  We were running late for a lunch reservation at a very yummy restaurant, NOLA, where we dined on some Southern favorites like shrimp and grits, and a pecan dessert.   After lunch we braved the humidity again (and I am not one to complain about, enjoying East Coast summers for years but in the Deep South it is a whole other ballgame) and set out for the Garden District.  Note to every traveler, if you want to make your way from the French Quarter to the Garden District quickly, skip the walking and the tram, a taxi is a better bet.                                                                                   
The tour of the Garden District put on by Haunted History Tours, (which meets outside the Pontchartrain Hotel), was fun as and quite educational.  Aside from seeing beautiful southern mansions, we enriched ourselves with a ton of trivia.  For example, did you that Cajuns and Acadians are the same thing?  Or what a real Creole person is? Or, that gumbo literally means “okra?”  Or, that Louisiana is the only civil law state in the US? And most fascinating to me, that it is a lie that in New Orleans the dead are buried above ground because of the sea-level.   For more info about this type of burial (not at all unique to NOLA) see here.  As a part of our first day, we also experienced a ride on the slow-moving but fun and efficient tram. Another important not-to-miss place in New Orleans, Café du Monde, where the smell of beignets and sight of powdered sugar all over the floor invites you to sit down and relax for a bit. Besides, while you are there you might as well check out the French Market and the statue of Joan of Arc.
Bourbon Street deserves its own long entry but I will keep it brief.  From early afternoon to the wee hours of morning, the place is loud and bumping.  From lawful drinking in the street to billboards which invite you to enjoy some true adult entertainment (with no cover charge), you realize that New Orleans is the original Las Vegas, and what happens there should often, just stay there.  We experienced the street at various hours, although the evening is the craziest.  The folks there do not need Mardi Gras to party like it’s 1999.  In fact, we collected a good amount of beads by simply being around when a German parade was going down the street (these happen rain or shine, and in our case it was hard rain).  It is unfortunate that a lot of the people on Bourbon Street are annoying, immature, desperate men who in their alcoholic delirium, hope for a chance to see up-skirt or down-the-shirt, of some woman.
Other not to be missed places, are the cemeteries (they have odd hours and most are closed on Sundays).  We checked out St. Louis #1, and found it quite interesting.  Also, if you have a chance, do eat at Commander’s Palace (NOLA’s famous, best restaurant for many years).  It is the kind of place where a gentleman may not enter without a jacket.  We were treated quite well by the staff there, although our main waitress was a little on the odd humor side.  We dined on turtle soup and black-eyed pea soup, local fish, awesome soufflé dessert and had really good “beverages” from the bar.  On the food side was also had a great Southern style brunch at Lüke Restaurant and Galatoires (another place where on Sundays gentlemen may not enter sans-jacket).  Also, check out Lafitte’s Blacksmith Bar (yes this used to be owned by the notorious pirate). If you get a chance before you go, download an Audissey tour of the city.  We recommend these as they are free and you can do them at your own pace in a variety of American cities.  They are done by locals and allow you just take everything in slowly.  Happy travelling and do enjoy your own trip down to the Crescent City.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thinking about joining a Hotel Reward Program or Airline Program? - CHECK THIS OUT FIRST!!!

Before you join any Airline or Hotel program go HERE first. Gary has numerous tips and tricks but you shoud go to his Registration and Other Bonuses page and search for the program you want to join. Sometimes you can receive bonus points for joining or registering.

Do that first and then, to keep track of all the membership make an Excel sheet with all your numbers and passwords and keep it updated!!!

Or even easier - go HERE and download the USAToday Miletracker software. Just download, install and put it all your membership numbers and passwords and you can retrieve your information and point balances every day, every hour.....
Keep it updated and make sure your miles/points NEVER EXPIRE!!!!!

Get Miles & Points for shopping online almost everywhere

We all shop online once in a while. Be it shoes, electronics or some other random article. For years we didn't get anything for our spending sprees - no more!!!

If you find yourself hovering over the "confirm order" or "order now" button on, barnesandnoble or any of the other online merchant websites you should stop and go HERE. is a handy website that can tell you anything from how many miles you will receive for a flight, between which programs you can transfer points/miles AND how many miles/points per dollar spent you receive for online shopping at many, many online retailers.

Just find the retailer where you want to buy something in the menu, click on it, and determine where you get the most bang for your buck. You will have to go through the Mileage/Point Mall portal of your Airline or Hotel for this. Buy your item and receive points & miles for it as well. (Obviously you have to be a member of the hotel or airline first)

Beware though - if you want to use an online coupon or discount code-you might not receive the points/miles. Most of the time you have to pay the full price or hopefully sale price.

You have to weigh the pros and cons - do you want 20% off or get 1,2,3,4,5,6 miles/dollar. For us, the more expensive an object the more likely we go for the miles/points.
If it's cheap and you would only get 100 miles or so anyway - why not go HERE FIRST ( and find out if there are any free coupons/codes out there....

Enjoy your online shopping.

P.S.: Sorry ladies & gents - Zappos does not participate in this scheme, at least for now. :(

But, there's, and many more instead....however, they don't have the same easy-return policy as Zappos! :(

Top off your US Airways Account OR transfer American Express points for a Delta bonus

Buy, Gift and Share US Airways Miles with 20% Discount in October

Good for transactions in the month of October. Buying gifting and sharing miles is usually not a great deal, and this only makes it slightly less painful.

But, if you need an award, or to top off an expiring account, here is 20% off.


Amex is giving a 25% bonus for transferring Membership Rewards points into Delta miles this month.
Airlines have these little promotions constantly - I will try to keep you up to date. :)

Free 500 American Airline Miles for free Libery Mutual Insurance quote

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Homeowners or Auto seem to qualify. Use the link below to get 500 miles.


American Express Card with 15,000 Membership Rewards Points - it's FREE

American Express is offering a new Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card. It is a charge card with no annual fee first year and has a 15,000 Membership Rewards sign up bonus for spending $1,000 in the first three months and another 15K if you spend $30K in a calendar year.

In addition to the free Membership Rewards points, any airline tickets purchased with the card earn 3 points per $ (sweet deal) for the lifetime of the card, and the transfer options to airline and hotel programs are terrific from Membership Rewards cards.

Basically, apply - buy 1000$ US Mint coins the day the card arrives. Deposit the coins - pay off your bill, voila 15000 membership rewards points. American Express Membership reward points transfer 1:1 to most airlines but do look out for the occasional promotions from Delta and others that offer bonus points for transfers. American Express Points don't expire so - wait until you need them. If you want to go for the 15K point bonus after 15K dollar spent - more coins!! :)

Remember - never spend more than 50% of your credit limit - your credit score may or may not suffer point deductions if you get overly exposed. If you have a 15K credit limit - just buy 5K worth of coins - 3x.... Good luck.

3000 Delta miles-Budget Rental Car Promotion

Well it used to be that you get 5000 or 9999 Delta miles for each rental at Budget but hey, you gotta take what's given.

Weekends seem to offer the best rates. The cost of the miles is about a penny a mile so it's a pretty good deal.

Check out your city and the promotion here.
This promotion doesn't expire until December 31st.

PS: Reports are that non medallion members are receiving their miles as well. Enjoy! :)