Friday, November 9, 2012

Airline Alliances - An Introduction

It's good to remind oneself about the benefits and worth of Airline Alliances - Frugaltravelguy wrote a great intro to this, plus he gave an example that's very fitting, since Patrick is Austrian - looking for a flight from the US to Vienna, Austria! :) - see below.
From the FrugalTravelGuy:
Airline alliances can be one of the best ways to maximize that value of flying. Whether it’s getting lounge access or earning your preferred miles while flying an international carrier, alliances can help you to get more out of all of your flying. Over the next several weeks we’ll cover the basics of alliances so that you can better understand how to take advantage of them.First off, there are three major alliances: Star AllianceSkyTeam, and oneworld.  United and US Airways are both part of Star Alliance, Delta is part of SkyTeam, and American is part of the Oneworld Alliance.Even though other airlines such as Alaska, Hawaiian, and jetBlue aren’t part of the three major alliances doesn’t mean that they don’t have partners. Each of those airlines have made individual partnerships with various airlines that act similarly to these alliances.  Whenever you fly an airline, make sure to check its partnerships because it may be part of an alliance where you have an account or it may have a private partnership with an airline that you have an account with.For instance, Alaska is not part of one of the major alliances, but it has several key partnerships that make it an excellent and extremely flexible program. Alaska partners with both Delta and American as well as several international carriers such as Air France, LAN, Cathay Pacific, and British Airways. Virgin Atlantic, which may be joining an alliance soon, is partners with several U.S. based airlines such as Virgin America, Hawaiian Air, and US Air.One of the biggest benefits, in my opinion, of a frequent flyer program is the ability to earn and redeem miles are “partner” airlines. Often, these airlines are part of an alliance whereby you can fly on other airlines within the alliance, but still receive the benefits of your preferred airline. Alliances can be especially useful if you’re an elite member of an airline. Flying on that alliance will generally get you many of the benefits that you’re used to on your preferred airline such as free checked bags. Also, don’t forget that you can credit miles to any airline with the alliance. That means that if you’re flying British Airways from London to New York, you can credit those miles to American if that’s your airline of choice. This can be especially useful if you often find yourself flying international routes on various international carriers.  Yes, fly British Airways, but get credit on American; just enter in your AA number when you make your reservation or at the ticket counter.As an example of what an alliance can offer travelers, we can do a mock booking of a flight from New York (NYC) to Vienna, Austria (VIE) using United miles. The first thing to do is enter in the information on United’s site:Search Award Availability from New York to ViennaUnited doesn’t have any flights into Austria, meaning you wouldn’t be able to use United miles to fly to Vienna without an alliance. Fortunately, United is part of the Star Alliance and some of their partners fly to Vienna. As you can see on the booking screen, there’s a non-stop flight on Austrian Air as well as several connecting flights on Lufthansa and Swiss Air:United Partner Award Availability from NYC to VIEThis is just one example of how useful alliances can be to travelers: they can open up parts of the world that we may never be able to see without them.  Keep in mind that not all websites are equal and that United’s website generally does one of the best jobs of displaying award availability across all of their partners.Alliances can be very important when choosing which airline to focus your domestic flying on. Many of our dream vacations included international destinations that are very hard or even impossible to get to if we could only fly on the domestic airlines.  You’ll also find that business class on an International airline will be as nice if not better than some first class experiences you’ll get with that domestic airline (even on the same route!)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Save 20% on select Saver Awards to Europe by UNITED

Great deal if you feel like a trip to Europe is in the stars for you! If you have followed my mileage collecting advice you should have plenty of United Mileage Plus miles to use for this offer! If not, too bad because this one looks like a great deal for using United Mileage Plus miles. 

Book by November 15. Travel between January 15 and March 13, 2013.
Here's the LINK

Friday, August 31, 2012

Free 1000 Priority Points

Follow this link and answer a few questions to get 1000 Priority Club Points!!

1,000 Priority Rewards points

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trip Report - Austria/Poland and EURO 2012

Our trip to visit family, enjoy some down time from everyday stress and to see the Euro 2012 opening game in Warsaw was spirited, fun and delicious. The emphasis here must be on delicious because more often than not, we ended up eating our way through places we visited. Our travels today are as much about seeing great places and enjoying excellent company as they are about experiencing local specialties. From the cakes at traditional cafes, to drinking chocolate at Wedel, obwazanki, through the ice cream and gelato, and onto unbelievable baked goods (nowhere in the US do pastries or breads like that exist), not to mention delicious, hearty meals we brought back quite a lot; in excess body weight that is.
The trip entailed flying into Vienna and spending five days there. If you are in town and have done most of the usual tourist things, do check out the Zentral Friedhof (large cemetery in a park-like setting). Also, as always get your fill of traditional cafes. We visited a number of them including the Hotel Sacher one, Café Imperial, Oberlaa and Heiner. All were good but keep in mind that Café Imperial is more of an experience than a place to enjoy a wide selection of cakes. If you are on a tour to find out who has the tastiest Sacher Torte, don’t look further than Demel. We skipped Demel this time as we wanted to try Sacher but Demel clearly wins the longstanding Sacher Torte war. We also took in an interesting opera in the Museums Quarter, more eclectic  and interesting in the stage design, less enchanting however in the actual singing part. Since we had more time on our hands we saw an exibit at the Seccession Museum and the Vienna City Museum. The exhibits at the Seccession were different, both cool and comical. The downside of the city museum is that it mainly caters to German speakers so if you are not with a guide or do not have a German speaker who can translate in your party, you might as well skip it.

 In Poland we explored the Collegium Maius (original site of Jagiellonian Univeristy established in 1364). Aside from a courtyard which you can check out fee-free, there are tours that take you inside the library, professors’ congress room, lodgings and lecture rooms that served from the 14th through the 19th centuries.  Outside Krakow we went to Pieskowa Skala, a castle and fortress in the low hills. Both proved to be engaging. The English tour we got at the Collegium really provided a nice snapshot of what life was like at universities in times past. 

Visiting Poland during the beginning of the Euro Cup was not in the least unpleasant. The game we attended was exceptionally well organized, from the parking, to public transport etc. Many soccer fan tourists were visiting Poland and Ukraine but there was little to complain about in terms of everyday crowds. The take away from all of this, if you have only been to Austria so far, do venture more east. Poland has a really great place to explore, from its historical gems, to natural beauty, great food (stay away from touristy places and go with local recommendations) and a culture that loves guests.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

1000+ points for filling out quick quizzes from Priority Club

This worked for me nicely. Some of these quizzes I had filled out earlier but I still got 1100 points in the end. It will only take a few minutes - open the quizzes in separate tabs and fill them out quickly that way.
Remember - 5000 points gets you a free Pointsbreaks room in a variety of places around the world! :)

From the PointsGuy:

Priority Club has a fun little promotion going on at the moment where you can rack up to 1,500 Priority Club points by taking 3 different quizzes. The only thing is, you have to take each one of them 3 times to get all the points, but you can do it in two minutes, so you might as well take advantage of the free points.
Quiz 3 earns you 300 points each time you take it for a total of 900 points.
Below you’ll find the links to the three quizzes. Links #1-2 in each lead to the same quiz in English, though they are counted separately because one is for the US and one is for Great Britain. The third link is in Japanese, so be sure to have one of the English quizzes open so you can put in the exact same corresponding answers.
Here are the links and the answers for you (which I don’t feel bad about posting since they’re entirely obvious, and you can find them online):
Quiz 1
Each of these is worth 100 points for a total of 300
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
-All of the above
-A free night you can redeem online anywhere
-All of the above and more
One version of each quiz is in Japanese, but the answers are still the same.
Quiz 2
Each of these is worth 100 points for a total of 300
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
-All of the above
Quiz 3
Each of these is worth 300 points each for a total of 900 points
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
-All of the above and more
-All of the above
-All of the above and more
-Over 4,300
-50 nights or 60,000 points (this is the curveball)
And here are the three additional quizzes for a total of 500 more points. Note: they’re in Chinese, so I’ve included the answers below. Hat tip: TPG reader Kevin.
Quiz 1 This one is for 100 points.
Quiz 2 This one is for 100 points
Quiz 3 This one is for 300 points.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shortcuts to Airline Award Lists

From PointsGuy:

Air Canada (Star Alliance)
Air Canada and Star Alliance Award Chart
Star Alliance Upgrade Chart
Partner list
Notes: Air Canada allows “around the world” routing, which means you can travel to Asia via Europe (and stop while in Europe). See Around The World rewards. Also, most awards increased on July 15, 2011.
Air France/KLM (SkyTeam Alliance)
FlyingBlue/Partner Award Calculator
Air France Upgrade Awards
SkyTeam Upgrades
List of Partners
Notes: FlyingBlue runs Promo Awards, that can be great values at 50% less miles needed. Air France is a transfer partner of American Express.
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Award Chart
Partner Award Chart
Alaska Upgrades
List of Partners
Note: Alaska is partners with both American and Delta.
American (Oneworld Alliance)
American Award Chart
American Upgrade Chart
Oneworld and Partner Award Chart
Distance based Oneworld multi partner Award Chart
Oneworld Upgrade Chart
List of partners
Notes: Amounts shown are for one-way flights. Only American awards (and now Hawaii, Alaska and BA awards) can be booked online – you must call to book partner awards, though I recommend using the Qantas search engine to find Oneworld availability.
ANA (Star Alliance)
ANA Award Chart
ANA International Award Chart
ANA Partners and Award Chart
British Airways (Oneworld Alliance)
British Airways Avios Calculator
Oneworld and Partner Award Chart
List of partners: OneworldOther
Notes: British Airways is a transfer partner of both American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards. I did a series on maximizing British Airways Avios including Master FAQ Post on British Airways 100,000 Mile OfferSpotlight on Taxes and FeesDistance-Based AwardsTravel Together Companion TicketHousehold AccountsUsing Avios to Upgrade Paid Tickets.
Cathay Pacific (Oneworld Alliance)
Cathay and Partners Award and Upgrade Chart
List of partners is available underneath the partner award chart.
Delta (SkyTeam Alliance)
Delta and SkyTeam/Partner Award Chart
Upgrade Awards
List of Partners
Notes: One-way awards are the same price as roundtrip. Delta has three tiers and the online award engine is pretty much broken. See also : Maximizing Stopovers, Open Jaws and Transfers on Quirks and How to Work Around Them, Now Shows Delta Awards, 10 Tips on Using Delta SkyMiles. Delta is a transfer partner of American Express.
Flight and Upgrade Calculator
List of partners
Mileage Calculator
Partner Airlines
Note: Etihad is a partner with American Airlines.
Award Chart
Note: Frontier is a transfer partner of American Express.
Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines Award Chart
Partner List
Note: Hawaiian Airlines is not in an alliance, but it is partners with airlines including ANA, Delta, Virgin Atlantic and Korean Air.
No award charts, points are a fixed value – around 1 cent per point. More info.
Note: JetBlue is a transfer partner of American Express.
Korean Air (SkyTeam)
Korean Air Award Chart
Korean Air SkyTeam and Partner Award Chart
Partner List
Note: Korean Air is a partner of Chase Ultimate Rewards.
Qantas (Oneworld Alliance)
Qantas and Partner Classic Flights Points Calculator/Chart
Upgrade Chart
Partner list
Singapore (Star Alliance)
Singapore Award Chart
Partner Award Chart
Singapore Upgrade Chart
Star Alliance Upgrade Chart
Partner list
Note: Singapore is an American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner.
No award charts – points have fixed values. $1 towards flights is between 60 and 120 points. More info.
United (Star Alliance)

United Interactive Award and Upgrade Map
United Award Chart/Upgrade Chart
Star Alliance Award Chart/Upgrade Chart
Star Alliance Upgrade Awards after June 15, 2011 
List of partners
Notes: is getting better at showing awards, but I still recommend using the ANA tool to find more thorough Star Alliance availability.
US Airways (Star Alliance)

US Airways Award Chart
Star Alliance/Partner Award Chart
US Airways Upgrade Chart
Star Alliance Upgrade ChartPartner list
Notes: is bad at showing partner awards. All SaverPass awards. I also recommend using the ANA tool for thorough Star Alliance availability.
Virgin America

Fixed value points – see more information. Points are usually worth 1.6-2.1 cents towards airfare.
Note: Virgin America is a partner of American Express Membership Rewards.
Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic Award Calculator
Virgin Atlantic Upgrades
Partner List
Note: Virgin Atlantic is a partner of American Express Membership Rewards, but it may make sense to transfer to ANA because they may have lower point thresholds and/or fees.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mother's Day - Make her happy & earn some miles! :)

Mother's Day is coming up - there are plenty of online flower purchase deals. Nothing like sending mom some flowers and earning a few miles for it as well : It's a true win-win! :) Delta has the best deal at the moment - see below for the rest.

35 miles per dollar with 1-800-FLOWERS
30 miles per dollar with
30 miles per dollar with
US Airways: 25 miles per dollar with Teleflora
25% Off with an Amex card with (I don’t believe this can be stacked with other mileage earning)
20% Off with a Visa card with (I don’t believe this can be stacked with other mileage earning)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amazon Local Deal - Virgina America $25 credit for $10 spent!!

Amazon Local deal - LINK
$25 to Spend Towards a Virgin America Round-Trip Flight Taken by June 13
Spend $10 - get $25 Virgin America credit!
Great airline and a great deal!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Accor Hotel Group/Le Club Accorhotels - Instant PLATINUM status

From "View from the Wing":

Platinum status targeted to certain Citibank World Mastercard customers in the U.A.E. but usable by anyone, create your account with instant platinum status here. If the link says session expired, just hit reload.

Benefits of Platinum status are:
Double your points on each stay
Dedicated customer service team
In Sofitel*, Pullman and MGallery hotels:
- Complimentary drink and welcome gift
- Upgrade **
- Late check-out up to 16:00**
- Guaranteed room availability (when you book at least three days prior to arrival)
In Sofitel Thalassa Sea and Spa hotels:
- One Thalassa Sea and Spa Institute beauty product and treatment
In Adagio hotels:
- Welcome gift for stays of 10 nights or more
- Late check-out**

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NYC & Ft. Lauderdale from San Francisco, $220-$240 (R/T, incl. Tax)

This sale has been going on for a while but it seems that there are still plenty of seats available. If you are flexible this could be a very cheap way to experience the hustle and bustle of NYC or relax on the beach in Forth Lauderdale.

Plenty of April and May dates still available!!

THIS IS A STEAL - flying across the country for less than $300 is very rare!

Here's the LINK where you can check the calendar and book your pretty cheap getaway!

Now you just have to decide whether to pack your flip-flops and suncreen or your comfy walking shoes and coat! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

250 Priority Club Points for answering a few questions....

Priority Club has a new survey out and you can get 250 free points by completing it. It's very quick and easy. Remember, you do 20 of these surveys throughout the year, as they become available, that's enough for a night at a PointsBreak Hotel (5000 points/night)! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virgin America: 20% off Flights Through Feb 19 or April 15 - June 15 with Visa Card

Virgin America is offering 20% off Your Next Flight with your Visa Card when you follow the instructions below. Thanks lucyl
Note: Travel must occur between now and Feb 29 or April 15 - June 15. Blackout dates are Feb 17, Feb 20, May 25, and May 28. Please refer to Terms & Conditions for more information
  1. Click here
  2. Fill in the form and click on "Get Your Code"
  3. You will receive your 20% off code in email
  4. Click here and enter the details of your trip.
  5. Apply your promo code above, click the "Search" button, and use any Visa card for payment.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Airlines screw up & how to benefit from it!

Everyone traveling by airplane has experienced at least 1 screw-up by an airline at some point. Whether it be the lost, delayed or damaged luggage, non-working seat/audio/video or simply landing in a completely different destination than planned. Sure it's frustrating and traveling would be a much smoother cruise without these occasional turbulences.

Nevertheless, these unfortunate events can end up paying for your next trip or at least for a new wardrobe. :)
I won't go into too much detail concerning lost/delayed or damaged luggage since most travelers are aware of the particular rules in place. Obviously, when the luggage is damaged,delayed or lost, travelers will head to the baggage claim office of the offending airline - there you will be informed of your options:


If your suitcase arrives smashed or torn, the airline will usually pay for repairs. In recent years, damage has gotten a new meaning at many airlines - ripped off wheels or zippers are usual wear & tear and may not actually be fixed by the airline. Puncture holes and large rips (away from the seams!!!) are normally handled right away and you walk out of the baggage office with a new luggage. If it can't be fixed, they will negotiate a settlement to pay you its depreciated value and don't expect a major payoff for this. The same holds true for belongings packed inside. Obviously it is extremely unwise to travel with fine crystal or other delicate objects, however you still need to complain and negotiate. If you don't ask, you won't get anything. Remember that flying with Airline partners means that you need to complain in their offices at the baggage claim (e.g. flight booked on but flying Austrian Airlines to Vienna - claim any damage at the Austrian Airlines counter at the Vienna Airport). We have found that international partner carriers are much more helpful and even exchange your bag for high-quality brands (Samsonite, Delsey) compared to US carriers (cheap Made in China bags which are likely to be damaged again sooner rather than later). So, be aware of your choice of claim location!

If your bags don't come off the conveyor belt, report this to the airline before you leave the airport. Insist that they fill out a form and give you a copy, even if they say the bag will be in on the next flight. If the form doesn't contain the name of the person who filled it out, ask for it. Get an appropriate phone number for following up (not the Reservations number). Don't assume that the airline will deliver the bag without charge when it is found; ask them about this. Most carriers set guidelines for their airport employees that allow them to disburse some money at the airport for emergency purchases. The amount depends on whether or not you're away from home and how long it takes to track down your bags and return them to you. If the airline does not provide you a cash advance, it may still reimburse you later for the purchase of necessities. Of course one man's necessities are another man's luxury items so you better ask what purchases will be most likely to be reimbursed, plus KEEP THE RECEIPTS! At a minimum you will score some brand new underwear. You could claim that you need a suit since you have a business meeting that evening - go shop, at a minimum they will need to reimburse you for part of the value.

If you can't resolve the claim with the airline's airport staff, keep a record of the names of the employees with whom you dealt, and hold on to all travel documents (always a good idea!) and receipts for any money you spent in connection with the mishandling. (It's okay to surrender your baggage claim tags to the airline when you fill out a form at the airport, as long as you get a copy of the form and it notes that you gave up the tags.) Call or write the airline's consumer office when you get home. It might take some time to resolve something like this but it's well worth the effort in the end, especially since you might end up with a nice, free addition to your wardrobe.


Once your bag is declared officially lost, you will have to submit a claim. This usually means you have to fill out a second, more detailed form. Check on this; failure to complete the second form when required could delay your claim. Missing the deadline for filing it could invalidate your claim altogether. The airline will usually refer your claim form to a central office, and the negotiations between you and the airline will begin. If your flight was a connection involving two carriers, the final carrier is normally the one responsible for processing your claim even if it appears that the first airline lost the bag. Airlines don't automatically pay the full amount of every claim they receive. First, they will use the information on your form to estimate the value of your lost belongings. Like insurance companies, airlines consider the depreciated value of your possessions, not their original price or the replacement costs. Don't go claiming Versace or Gucci items excessively because Airlines will smell that kind of fraud from miles away.
They often ask for sales receipts and other documentation to back up claims, especially if a large amount of money is involved. If you don't keep extensive records, you can expect to dicker with the airline over the value of your goods. Generally, it takes an airline anywhere from six weeks to three months to pay you for your lost luggage. When they tender a settlement, they may offer you the option of free tickets on future flights in a higher amount than the cash payment. Ask about all restrictions on these tickets, such as "blackout" periods and how far before departure you are permitted to make a reservation.

This leads us to the much more lucrative area of Airline screw-up benefits:

Courtesy/Appreciation Rewards/eCertificates = FREE MONEY

On our recent outing to Buenos Aires - we landed in Rio due to a "volcanic ash cloud" in Argentinean air space. This detour cost us 1 1/2 days in B.A. but on the upside we got free lodging and a free ride through the Brazilian countryside and into the mountains east of Rio. Obviously we would have preferred to stay in downtown Rio but oh well, it was better than sleeping in the lounge, which most other passengers had to do since they didn't have a Brazilian Visa or foreign passports like us.

Now, quite unexpected at our arrival in Buenos Aires - Nadia and I were each handed an eCertificate worth $400 for future travel with United Airlines. We thought that was more than great since the delay did not mess up our itineary too much and $400 could come in quite handy down the road.
Of course, one has to read the fine print VERY carefully. The eCertificate is only valid for travel in the continental US (plus Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands) & Canada and only on United/Continental flights. Now, coming from a major United hub (San Francisco) we knew we would be able to easily use these certificates. Others may have a bit more trouble of course. In addition, the eCertificate was valid for 1 year since issue so from Nov 2011 to Nov 2012. That kinda forced our hands to plan quickly.

Now, do you only get these eCertificates if you end up in the wrong South American city? The answer is NO! You can get these for a whole host of issues with your flight. The most frequent perhaps may be the non-working audio in your seat, or your personal video screen being broken.  A LOT of people do not complain about this to the flight attendants, especially on short flights, thus, the damage goes unnoticed by the airline for quite some time. If you complain about the video/audio and they are unable to fix it (sometimes rebooting the whole plane, just so you can watch an old TV rerun) they SHOULD give you a eCertificate for the missing entertainment value. You paid good money for your seat and flight, which includes the entertainment as well. The eCertificate or little appreciation card you get varies widely in value. Maybe it's $50, perhaps $200 on long-haul flights. Either way, COMPLAIN to the flight attendant, if she brushes you off, ask for her supervisor (Chief Purser, Inflight Service Manager, Cabin Service Manager, etc...) and take it up with him/her. They should give you something for your troubles. I would suggest having this conversation in the galley instead of in your seat - makes for a better, even negotiation environment.

I have been guilty myself of not complaining about video/audio problems on short flights but that was because I was ignorant about these eCertificates & appreciation $s. With airlines charging fees for practically everything right now, it's time for consumers to expect a perfect product & service starting with getting your undamaged luggage at the end of a flight, arriving at the correct destination and being able to enjoy the audio/video entertainment.

So on your next flight remember to keep all this in mind. You will benefit from the knowledge that you are entitled to compensation for a multitude of possible airline screw-ups. ASK of it and you MAY receive. Nothing is for sure but the pay-offs can be quite nice & rewarding.


Quebec City
As for us - we used our $400 certificates to purchase 2 tickets to Burlington, VT, normally $477 each, for a total of $154 ($77 each). Not bad at all. It was between that trip or Alaska but we decided we need a lot more time for Alaska to take in the many sites and natural wonders up there.
We will rent a car and head straight for Montreal and then Quebec City. Bonjour Quebec! With plenty of hotel points in our accounts from recent lucrative sign-up bonuses (Marriott 70000pts after first use for example) we will be staying for free in downtown Montreal & Quebec City as well. Thus, thanks to United's decision to chicken out and land in Rio instead (we are being fair, other airlines like Lufthansa, Air France, American Airlines, etc...landed AFTER our estimated arrival time in Buenos Aires) we are able to experience French Canada in the height of summer for practically free! Merci United!!

Airline eCertificates are a steal !!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

From the Pointsguy: Do you have to have a business to get a business credit card??

This is a great write-up about the one thing everyone always asks us about - how come we got so many miles from business credit card sign-up bonuses when we don't have any business. Our "Consulting" services have been in "business" for a long time now and we thought the write-up below (Pointsguy) is a great way to explain this phenomenon! Enjoy!
“Do you have to have a ‘business’ to qualify for a business credit card?”
Technically, yes. However, each credit card company has a different threshold for what information they require for someone to get a business card. Most are very flexible, but Citi is generally the hardest – when I got the American Airlines Business card, I had to provide proof of my business, including government EIN and business checking account information (which I luckily had as a small business owner).
Many small businesses start out as simple DBAs (Doing Business As) which simply denotes a business name used by a person or entity that is different from the person’s or entity’s true name. So if you start a small Ebay business and want to keep those finances separate from your personal expenses, it would be conceivable that you’d want a business credit card. In this case, you can just provide your social security number when asked for EIN and usually that suffices.
You should understand that you will get a hard inquiry on your personal credit score when you get a business card because most business credit lines are personally guaranteed. However, once approved they will sit on your business credit report, which is separate from your personal, so utilization and other factors shouldn’t affect your personal credit score. Business credit cards are also different from personal in that the purchase protection and insurance is generally less generous than with personal cards.

There are many lucrative business credit card offers and you can usually get one personal and one business card per credit card company. For example, several TPG readers have gotten approved for both the 50,000 point Sapphire Preferred and 50,000 point Ink Bold cards on the same day. 100,000 Ultimate rewards points, if transferred smartly, can get you a roundtrip business class trip from US to Europe on United, $1,666 in Southwest flights or even up to 22 one-way short-haul American Airlines flights with British Airways Avios points. When applying for both a personal and business card on the same day, make sure you can meet the spend requirements of both cards, which in the case of the Sapphire Preferred/Ink Bold combo, you’d be looking at $8,000 within 3 months. Both annual fees are waived for the first year.

Some of the top business card deals:
50,000 points for the Chase Ink Bold after $5,000 in spend within the first 3 months. $95 annual fee, waived for the first year.
50,000 points for the Chase Southwest Business card after first use. $99 annual fee.
50,000 miles for the Citi AAdvantage Business card after first use. $75 annual fee, waived for the first year.
30,000 miles for the American Express Delta Business Gold card after first use.
25,000 points for the American Express Business Platinum after $5,000 in spend within first 3 months. $450 annual fee.
25,000 points for the American Express Starwood business card after $5,000 in spend within 6 months. $65 annual fee, waived for the first year.
25,000 points for the Chase Ink Cash after $5,000 in spend within 3 months. No annual fee. They can’t be transferred to Ultimate Rewards airline/hotel partners, but can be used on any airfare
25,000 miles for the Barclay’s US Airways business card after first use. Plus up to 10,000 additional miles for balance transfers. $75 annual fee.