Friday, May 20, 2011

Hillarious! :)

Hilarious video - so true! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's raining Miles & Points

Recent sign-up bonuses are out of's literally raining points & miles people!!!

A quick sample of currently available sign-up bonuses on credit cards:

60,0000pts Priority Club Chase Visa Card
50,000pts Marriott Chase Visa Card
50,000pts Chase Sapphire Visa (transferable 1:1 to British Airways, Continental, Hyatt, etc...)
50,000pts American Express Membership Reward points Gold Premier (transferable 1:1 to a variety of airlines & hotels)
35,000Miles Hawaiian Airlines VISA (Bank of Hawaii)
35,000Miles Hawaiian Airlines VISA (Bank of America)
50000 but up to 100000Miles American Airlines Citibank...

The list goes on and on and would be too long to list completely.
I am not sure if 30 to 50000 miles/points is the new normal - I doubt it. So, I suggest you quickly jump on the bandwagon because these sign-up bonuses can't last. The airlines are practically giving free tickets away.

Just today I applied and was approved for both the 60,000 Priority Club visa card & the 50,000 American Express Gold Premier card. That means lots of free hotel nights & a 50,000mile injection in a airline reward program of my choice.

I recently cancelled my Hawaiian Airlines credit cards and am thinking of going for the combined 70K Hawaiian mile offers soon.

Take advantage of these offers - it's a lot of miles & points for the taking. Unfortunately many of these cards are given out by Chase so make sure you apply for some of them at the same time (multiple browser windows!!!). I project that these offers will shrink significantly once the economy is back on its feet and consumer spending is up again.