Thursday, January 13, 2011

AwardWallet Rocks!!

If you are like us, you like to be organized and have all your Frequent Flier mileage and Hotel point information at one place. Well, for years we tried to do this by updating our Travel Excel file but then we came across AwardWallet online.

This site is great. First we started to add all our airline and hotel information but soon thereafter we started adding the whole family. Now we rely on nothing else to check if miles or points posted. We also check our itinearies (they are downloaded automatically to the site after you reserve with your Mileage/Point account) and  love the check-in reminders that AwardWallet sends out automatically.

You can use this website and their services for a lot of online membership accounts, not only travel related. Airline miles, Hotel points, Shopping points, Credit Card points, Rental points, Dining, Train, Survey and many more categories are available - you will be sure to find your program in their extensive list.

If you sign up for AwardWallet Plus (pay whatever you like $5, $10.....whatever u think it's worth), they will even provide you with mileage/point expiration dates and status updates.

All-in-all a wonderful service and one that we can proudly recommend! So go sign-up today - it's free! :)